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and glass becomes the air

where light evaporates—


all shutter-sped the heart

trapped in its shadowbox


day quietly transgresses

but no lines can separate


the play of branch on branch

which cripples in a maze 


some rusticated timeshare

with ruin creeping through


a dusty scrap of leaves 

where autumn overlays


sheer gaps of summer falling

here       now        disintegrates


bright roof-beams telescoping

loops of fever-dream


how walls will open out

past twisting latticework


to sun and silhouettes

where memory betrays


our modest ghosts of home

this is the place we feel


each green thing wild

in its own dark cage

Will Cordeiro has recent work published or forthcoming in Best New Poets, Duende, interrupture, Painted Bride Quarterly, [PANK], Poetry Northwest, and Two Peach. He teaches in the Honors College at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

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