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the resuscitation

Through the fish netting / Through mummification

Through spore / Yeast kingdom / Body of black fruit

And resuscitation of the hunting trophy

By electric paddles / Fresh plumbing

The stew made new with bones warm out of the body / And paprika

The steam thick enough to get up / Walk out / Appear on okcupid

For Cupid’s six arms / And ten thousand eyes

Through the broadhead dunked in lye / Arsenic / Humectants

May the fletcher guide you down / Upon his mattress

May the mattress buckle and rise

Like the swollen lungs of a white dog

May the white dog rise / Like another moon

Kiik A-K is currently at work on a collection of poems titled HOGG BOOK. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in iO, Washington Square, Action Yes, and Okey-Panky.

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