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Every time I spy a lady with a skunk on her head

I think she seen a ghost,


and I bet she has a unique skill set,

like writing birthday charts and sharpening knives.

I bet she can tie the kind of

knots that require some level of expertise—

tight closures would come in handy during hauntings,

to keep items from flying around (and after all, she survived).


I think too that she must have friends

on the other side.


They say success in Spiritism is all about who you know.


Next skunk head you see, ask her:

Lady, What are your imps' names?


And she will reply:

My imps' names are…

Salsify baby


Carol Ann

Soul Yogurt

vinegar tom

Blessings pant


Turn on your heel and flee!!!

Soul Yogurt is the most fearsome of imps.

With a snap of her fingers

S.Y. could turn you inside out.


To save yourself you'll have to run (1),

2) Find an ugly plaza

3) Hop up and down

4) Say something backwards



True Witch

Helen Hofling is a Baltimore-based writer and artist. Her recent work can be found or is forthcoming in Barrow StreetPosit JournalSo to SpeakTAMMYRabbit Catastrophe Review, Storm Cellar QuarterlyInfinity's KitchenThe Vassar Review, and elsewhere.

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