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Summoning Spell

For this spell: Get kicked out of a bar, get fucked, buy some Hostess Donettes, and drink a shower beer.


Not necessarily in that order.

For example: Runaround Sue in black leather,

defying Jehovah and riding her Harley

Road Glide through the sunset because

she could, because who says she can’t?

She’s already proven God wrong.


Sue is that kind of person: a person

unbent by expectation. Someone

who tells the joke where God walks into a bar

and asks the bartender

for a Death in the Afternoon.


For a great time, call:


Lilith, First Eve, Night Monster,

Lilitu, Demon Woman. Tell her to come

take off night’s pants, and come again

then again without bearing fruit, tell her

to keep coming until all she births

is a froth of stars.

Elysia Smith is a poet living in Indianapolis, IN. You can find her online at where she blogs about her forthcoming book, UNRULY, and inappropriate subjects like having sex in cars. 

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