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Thou Drewest

For you the moment is close incredible

with vodka & cherries float nitrogen

three disparates

we drank the sea until indelible

burned until the sunup, and androgyne—

until we cicatrix


somehow there is a mirror in me to we.

Perhaps little and obvious though

muddy metal

Thou Drewest what Thou Drew: study and see

we weren’t there in all after or so

thought settles


A cover won’t heal us, mean you, a salve

And how, any webster is a woman

a man a psaltery

instructions, would there were, for our scabs

easy as laundry tags

tumble dry low use thee no iron

                                                  only cold water

Drew Webster finished the MFA program at Colorado State University in 2015. He recently returned to Fort Collins, Colorado to live and write with his partner, Cassandra Eddington.

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