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put a live shiner out for you

watched it from a deer stand

turns out you weren’t

fooled by it

turns out you are

lightin those firecrackers

next to the mulberry bushes

and eatin those mushrooms

that been growin on our tree


I got this

feelin like

I’m gonna die


in a car,

drivin or otherwise


eatin oranges

to get that

smell off my hand

none of the glasses

breakin clean tonight

eatin oranges

on the porch

lettin the rinds

pile up between

my dusty feet

lettin the flies

have at em

lettin the moon

soak the frontyard

thinkin about

buildin that fence


layin out

in the moonlight

lettin the chiggers

have at me

and my flesh

just feels good

to have something

mouth on me

I breathe heavy

to let em know

where I like it


the bites

like hickeys

from high school

lovers with the doors open

stepping lightly

on their parents’

heads fuckin

on the trampoline

under this same

moon with the same

bugs singin the same

eyes leakin the same

chinese food the same


thirteen hundred

and ten miles

door to door

just shy of twenty

hours on highways

all of em I been on

before ask me

I say it’s

spittin distance

with a little

hot brown

in the cup holder

and this here moon

on the hood our

organs know well

enough well they

fought on it before

in the august sun

in davidson county

after my brother’s



coffee rings on

everything I own

has scuffs and is

missin somethin

im missin somethin

can’t be hunted down

in the city with its red

mouths that open and

close the statues

made of marble

and buried in the parks

that don’t talk back

when you ask em questions

and you close your eyes

and open em and you

see those fairies dancin

on dark islands

in wheat fields


said a soldier’s prayer

out there in the front

yard put my head

on the rock that looks

like a surgeon’s table

the sweat from my cheek

left a puddle the shape

of your birthmark

Connor Crawford was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University where he was awarded the Senior Achievement in Creative Writing Prize, as well as a fellowship to A Studio In The Woods. His poetry and fiction have appeared in various small outlets. He now resides in Brooklyn. 

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