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in moonlight the land opened open   sewage open  fermenting   buzzing    w

      innumerable          wings          devils

wings of           diarrhea

winds slop      in moonlight [goodbye]

mouths mauled               in mutual

tooth tongue amphibian toad      discord     some   one scratching           skin in mire

the sound          scratching

      made    wealing

        whining        writhing         sound

reached into  vulvas              into     wax

vexed     sound edged      wriggled

horde pressed

        scrabbled and sneaked               and

the throng             palpitated

in           moonlight         throbbing     lesion legion        the land then

   was mere         sluice   & cyst









luxuriant woods, with which they abounded

? sequester this spot from the world

slobber creature

in mixed light splayed 

all   directions


hurrying graffiti

drips down a heart   mine malignancy /what

&     not mine   

cobwebs on st francis

street dregs of frenzy surge under a store

called cloak & dagger

he  is  a fucking brat/ but he’s happy  

snout wails

moon over-shining  

sign repeating OPEN

streetcar CLDRS TMMNCK











Claire Marie Stancek is the author of MOUTHS (Noemi Press, 2017). With Lyn Hejinian and Jane Gregory, she is co-editor and co-founder of Nion Editions, a chapbook press. With Daniel Benjamin, she co-edited an anthology of contemporary Australian poetry, Active Aesthetics (Tuumba / Giramondo, 2016). This poem is taken from her second full-length book of poetry, Oil Spell, which is forthcoming from Omnidawn in spring 2018. 

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