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i. Excerpt (artist’s statement)


as planned

when hand

cramped I

blew out


the pilot

used a window


in the after


noon slunk

the bodega

for more and




the new method

a small known



ii. Where There's Smoke (arrangement of Homo, 20XX)


We're getting all Rauchenberged up in here

was the first part of this mashup

on a sentence that is dubiously related, cheap and another decade.

The movement ex post minima: meta vs. meta-er vs. metallier:

I have the feeling               a confabulation is all that is left.

I get to feeling                   of that body's decline.


iii. The Critical Economy (nude installation, 20XY)


mimicking the usual





on a lone canvas

chair thighs




had not touched

for months


a human


wept around

the hall hugging


the tiny fuchsia millstone


we came

for you they said


it's perfect

Benjamin Goodney's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Best New Poets 2016Hotel AmerikaGuernica, and elsewhere. He co-founded the literary magazine Storm Cellar. He lives in St. Paul.

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