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God Is Good

But as it is I

can breathe and I love

everyone I can think of so

there’s almost no room left for air

and the cat is smiling and

in Italy the Italian cat

is smiling and who can be sure

what a purr means or

is it many things

I love how anyone might

be dreaming now

in common privacy of

an airliner crashing or washing

thick concealer from their face

with their glasses in their pocket

These are the uncontainable

truths stored within us

From most directions it is

enough the possibility I am

despite what I think worthy

and capable of love and this

is not a dream a pilot

as the jet goes down

dreams All the passengers awake

and wipe wet napkins

across their cheeks

to be a little realer

and I draw you a bug-eyed

creature waving make

a small envelope and hand it

to you in an AA meeting

Courtney will this be the only

poem of mine you inhabit

or how many

And really

it isn’t up to you

Aaron Gerber was born in Maine and lived for a while in Portland, Oregon to have a band like everyone else. He holds an MFA from the University of New Hampshire. His poems have appeared in The Minnesota Review; Yes, Poetry; Dokool; and others. Currently he lives in Maine again, where he recovers, does Bikram, and pets cats.

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